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Monitoring vodních ptáků v ČR

Foto: Josef Chytil

Fishpond management, climate change and biodiversity - workshop


Jindřichův Hradec, 19th - 21st July 2022

Diego Pavón Jordán: Waterbird conservation: what we have learnt and next steps
(Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, Norway)

Alain Gaizergues: The decline of Common Pochard populations: chronicles of a scientific
investigation (Office Français de la Biodiversité, France)

Jaroslav Vrba: Top-down and bottom-up control of plankton structure and dynamics in
hypertrophic fishponds. (University of South Bohemia, Czechia)

Anthony D. Fox: Why the shift from turbid to clear water conditions in eutrophic lakes is
good for breeding staging and wintering waterbirds ? (Aarhus University, Denmark)

Jochen Bellebaum: Breeding waterbirds on Carp ponds - Monitoring results from Saxony
(Saxon bird conservation office, Saxony, Germany)

Petr Musil: History of Czech fishponds (Czech University of Life Sciences, Praha, Czechia)

Vlastimil Sajfrt: Management of National Nature Reserve „Lednické rybníky“ (Agency for
Nature and Landscape Protection of the Czech Republic, Pálava, Mikulov, Czechia)

Sajjad Vakili Shahrbabaki: Incubation behaviour of Common Goldeneye and Common
Eider under endocrine disrupting chemicals and environmental pressure. (University
Turku, Finland)

Dorota Gajdošová: Individual strategies in migration and reproduction of marked diving
ducks (Czech University of Life Sciences, Praha, Czechia)

Zuzana Musilová: The artificial floating islands: the help for ducks, gulls and terns (Czech
University of Life Sciences, Praha, Czechia)

Milan Hladík: The artificial floating islands: from reservoirs to fishponds (VRV České
Budějovice, Czechia)